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Reception and Year 1 exploring The Creation Story.

This Spring  term in R.E, R/1 have been exploring the theme of belonging. The children have thought about how they belong to their families and friends, how they belong to Loddington Primary school, and how they belong to different clubs. The children then learnt about Christenings and how this is an important part of Jesus welcoming people into the Christian faith. The children enjoyed a wonderful talk by Reverend Andy and learnt all about the 3 key parts of a Christening. What wonderful learning this half term R/1. 


In Year 2, we have been exploring the good news that Jesus brings. We first looked at friendship and acted out Jesus calling Matthew. The children re-enacted the scene in groups and discussed how Jesus showed friendship to Matthew. We then explored the theme of forgiveness and discussed times where we may need to be forgiven. Next, we explored the concept of peace and we discussed how peace could be represented in the world, in our hearts and through others’ behaviour. Finally, we discussed how Jesus brings peace to Christians around the world.

This Spring term Year 2 have been exploring Islam and have been learning about what Muslims believe in. We have explored the ways Muslims might describe God by learning about the 99 names of Allah. We learned about the Prophet Muhammad and retold the story of Muhammad and the cat through drama.  We then explored features of a Mosque and the importance of the Qur’an. Year 2 created their own guides to support others in handling the Qur’an respectfully. We then ended our unit of learning by visiting the Mosque in Wellingborough where we learned about the 5 pillars of Islam.

In Year 3 and 4, we have been working on a unit on "What is the Trinity?" The children made cards and bookmarks to represent the idea, which could be sold on the christian gift company website. 

We'd looked at symbolism in past lessons, its representation in artwork, and last week we looked at the Christian gift website and identified symbols of the trinity in the gifts they sell.  The children were then given the choice of making a card or bookmark which could be sold on the website.