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Welcome to Year 2 - Dragon Class

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To go alongside our Science topic of ways to stay healthy, in DT we have been looking at exciting ways to ensure we have lots of fruit in our diets!

We have explored a variety of fruit and developed our cutting skills to chop up different fruit: nectarines, mandarines, apples, pears and kiwis. After this the children tasted the different fruits, they particularly enjoyed the kiwis and pears!

The children then made their own fruit flavoured jelly - they shared out the jobs and worked as a team to ensure equal amounts of jelly mixture were in their containers ready to set!

On Friday, we tasted and evaluated the jelly - most were successfully set! We then used our cutting skills again with different fruit: bananas, plums and oranges. We then tasted these fruits with different melted chocolate and evaluated what worked best together and what we could try next time!

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This half term, in Science, Year 2 have been focussing on ways to stay healthy. For food, we looked closely at what food and drink we have, using a food journal over a one week period, then comparing against a food pyramid what food groups we had. We discussed what food groups we should have a lot of, what food groups we should have some of the time and food groups we should have a little of during the week.

We then focussed on Exercise, we explored different activities we could do using equipment such as: swimming, horse riding, skipping, cycling and taekwondo. We also explored activities we could do without equipment - that we could even complete in 1 minute! This included: running, squats, walking, star jumps and burpees!

We then explored ways to keep clean: washing our hair, washing our bodies, brushing our teeth and regularly washing our hands. The children were rather excited to practice this by experimenting washing glitter from their hands! Or washing some dolls hair and clothes. Then we discussed the importance and reasons why we need to wash or clean ourselves regularly.

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