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Across summer term in History, Year 2 have been learning about Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong. To conclude out Christopher Columbus topic, we made ship artwork using spices. As a hook to learning about Neil Amrstrong we held a 60’s inspired day. Children dressed up, played games from the 60’s, learned some dance moves and created their own 60’s inspired clothes.

In Science this term Year 2 have been learning about plants. They have grown their own sunflowers and sweet peas. We also visited Bosworth Garden Centre where we were able to choose and plant our own flowers to go on display in pots.

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During the Spring term, Year 2 explored Northampton in Geography. We learned about the human and physical features that we would find in Northampton and compared these with features found in Loddington. We then visited Northampton where we used our map skills to locate The Guildhall, Northampton Post Office, The Northampton Museum and Art Gallery and The Derngate Theatre. After our visit we created our own sketch maps showing the route we took and created a key to help identify buildings and other features on our maps.

In Music we have been exploring composition. We used the glockenspiel to create our own compositions using our knowledge of musical notation. Then we worked together to create a composition as a group.

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