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Science – Everyday Materials Autumn 2023

The children in Year 2 enjoyed working scientifically throughout their science topic ‘Everyday Materials’. The children tested solid objects to see if they were able to change their shape by twisting, squashing, bending or stretching. Then, the children tested out different materials to see which one would be the most waterproof. We thoroughly enjoyed testing if brick was waterproof!

Maths – Greater than and Less than Autumn 2023

Year 2 were super mathematicians this term when learning about the greater than, less than and equal to symbols. They were able to identify which number was greater and use the correct symbol. The children enjoyed engaging in activities with concrete materials before working through more abstract concepts.


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What a fantastic term 3 we had year 2!

We have been busy in Maths learning all about money. We have used a range of coins and notes to count money, work out change and make same amounts. We have also enjoyed developing our multiplication skills using counters to make equal groups and arrays.


We have been busy in our English; we took inspiration from ‘The Building Boy’. Writing amazing narrative stories about a new library. It has been a pleasure to read each story and see each child working hard to use a range of adjectives, repetition, similes and language techniques.

In Geography, we have been learning all about Northampton. We learnt about human and physical features of Northamptonshire and even planned a route for our class dragon Saffire.

In PSHE, we worked as teams to achieve our goals and designed peaceful gardens. In music, we have been playing a melody called ‘once a man fell in a well’.

This term we have also enjoyed learning about humans in our science lessons, we particularly enjoyed learning about good hygiene. Where we sorted a range of clothes to be washed, brushed teeth and tested out germs by conducting experiments.

The children also enjoyed DT where they designed, made and evaluated their own fruit salads. This was a great opportunity to use chopping and grating skills and combine colours and flavours.


We have also enjoyed our visits to Benham Sports Centre where we got to develop our trampoline and rock climbing skills. It was great fun!

We can’t wait to start Term 4. Keep up the super work everyone.


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