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Welcome to Year 2 - Dragon Class

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This half term, in Science, Year 2 have been focussing on ways to stay healthy. For food, we looked closely at what food and drink we have, using a food journal over a one week period, then comparing against a food pyramid what food groups we had. We discussed what food groups we should have a lot of, what food groups we should have some of the time and food groups we should have a little of during the week.

We then focussed on Exercise, we explored different activities we could do using equipment such as: swimming, horse riding, skipping, cycling and taekwondo. We also explored activities we could do without equipment - that we could even complete in 1 minute! This included: running, squats, walking, star jumps and burpees!

We then explored ways to keep clean: washing our hair, washing our bodies, brushing our teeth and regularly washing our hands. The children were rather excited to practice this by experimenting washing glitter from their hands! Or washing some dolls hair and clothes. Then we discussed the importance and reasons why we need to wash or clean ourselves regularly.

Year 2 have been really persevering to name and locate the seven continents and five oceans of the world. Throughout this half term, they have now been introduced to them all and are becoming a lot quicker at recalling and locating these on a map!

This lesson, they completed a carousel of three different activities to reinforce this knowlege: 

1. With the help of Miss Thompson, they had to splat the continent or ocean that she called out!

2. They had to work as a group to complete a world map floor jigsaw, using their locational knowledge to piece it together! 

3. They had to complete a blank world map grid with the given continent shapes. Here are some of the results, many had the locations very close! 

thumbnail map 1  thumbnail map 2  thumbnail map 3

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