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We are Courageous Advocates

Courageous Advocacy
 links to our Church school ethos of enabling pupils to make ethical choices and to be agents of change.  This includes:

  • The act of speaking out against an issue of injustice, often on behalf of those whose voice is not heard. 

  • Speaking out, at whatever level this takes place, requires an element of courage. 

  • Becoming courageous advocates of change, therefore, must involve being informed about an issue and it must move beyond simply knowing, to saying and doing. 

  • Courageous advocacy is a long-term legacy, an endowment to future generations; it is about releasing the possibility of the pupils in our school to serve the common good. 

2023 - 2024     

In Reception and Year 1 

-          During our transport unit in the Spring term, we willspeak to the children about ways in which we can help to have less traffic on the roads. Possible ideas - Who can walk to school? Could parents park further away? Walking bus?

-          During our animal unit, we will research RSPCA / local animal charities.

-          In Summer 2 when the children explore our ‘Under the sea’ topic, we will  think about ways to help protect the oceans. Could we write letters? Promote litter picking / Look into Tetrapak for recycling ideas for the children.

In Year 2

  • Citizenship PSHE focus – explore ways that we can make our school environment better. Conduct democratic votes and discuss importance of school council
  • When exploring The World in Geography – discuss plastic in oceans and the threats that our world has now. Children can make posters to raise awareness for this.
  • Some children from school council working to organise activities for children in need day.
  • Safer Internet Day – Raising awareness for the need to be safe on the internet. Gathering children’s ideas and opinions from Computing club to support planning for this day.

In Year 3 and 4

  • In Summer 2, work with the Canal and Rivers Trust to design and deliver a fundraising activity to support the preservation of waterways across England and Wales.

In Year 5 and 6

  • Work with children to design a fundraiser relating to Dr Barnardo’s when we have finished reading Street Child.
  • Work with Year 5&6 and discuss ways we could help/raise money to support what is happening in Israel/the Gaza Strip/Palestine.
  • Moving into Spring 1 – look at deforestation – would could be done? A whole school campaign? Relating to palm oil or endangered species of animals?