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The Role of the Academy Governance Committee

At Loddington CE School, we have an Academy Governance Committee (AGC) that has some delegated responsibilities from the Trust Board of Directors as outlined in the Trust’s Scheme of Delegation.  They engage with our local community.  They do not hold the academy to account but carry out the following role

Vision and Values

  • Agree the vision and values for the academy with reference to the SIAMS Schedule, in partnership with the academy community, ensuring they are aligned with the Trust’s Vision and embracing equality.
  • Monitor that the vision and the values are being ‘lived out’ in all aspects of the life of the academy.

For details of Trust governance click here: 

For the Trust’s Scheme of Delegation and for specific details of the AGC’s role click here: PDET Governance Information

Our AGC aims to consist of 8 members as follows:

  • 2 staff members – the Head teacher is Ex Officio, the other staff member is elected by the staff
  • 2 Community members appointed by PDET
  • 2 Church members appointed by PDET
  • 2 parent members elected by other parents.

If you are interested in joining the AGC please talk to the Head Teacher or Chair of the Committee   Please see an updated document on the side bar - Role of the AGC March 2022.

The Chair of the Academy Governance Committee is subject to re-election, but Governors can be contacted by writing to the school or by email  Current Chair in position from September 2021:  Mrs Sophie Lewis:


The role of a Governor:

  • Each Governor will act in the best interests of the Academy and of PDET at all times.
  • No Governor is to act or omit to act in a way which would be prejudicial to the interests of the Academy or PDET at any time, including any actions or omissions which might create bad publicity for the Academy or PDET.
  • The Governors must keep confidential all information of a confidential nature obtained by them relating to the Academy and/or PDET.
  • No governor can act on her/his own without proper authority from the full governing body;
  • All governors carry equal responsibility for decisions made, and
  • Although appointed by the Academy Trust Directors, the overriding concern of all governors has to be the welfare of the school as a whole.


Governor Responsibilities

Each Governor is responsible for focussing on different areas of the curriculum, they meet with the member of staff responsible for that area and make visits to the school to view lessons and gain a greater understanding of the key features of the different subjects and the way they are taught.

The following summarises the key areas and the name of the governor responsible for that area.

Curriculum Area


Data Protection Martin Wynn
RE, Collective Worship and SIAMS Amanda Campbell & Reverend Andy Giles
Safeguarding Sophie Lewis and Amanda Campbell
Special Educational Needs Clare Fleming
Sports Premium Martin Wynn

Governor Data Files