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Mrs Jo Sail

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We are really proud to be part of the Northamptonshire Sport Partnership scheme, where we achieved a GOLD AWARD (2022-2023), for high quality PE engagement in school. 

We are passionate about all children being offered equal opportunities to take part in the festivals and competitions.  The selection process is fair and consistently applied throughout the school. We provide all transport to these in events, as they take place during the school day.

Mr Umney – our experienced Sports Lead is dedicated to promoting a lifelong love of sport for every child.




Children in KS2 have had a range of opportunities to:

  • practice and develop their teamwork and communication,

  • develop their fundamental skills such as co-ordination and agility,

  • hone teamwork and tactical knowledge, through the use of tennis and cricket, putting into practice their knowledge of rules and working together - to create a plan of advantages over their opponents.

The children continue to develop their fundamental skills of agility, balance and co-ordination, along with a variety of others, both in isolation and in competitive experiences, as we continue to provide opportunities for all students take part in competitive sporting experiences both inside and outside of school.

To further enhance our quality of P.E and sporting experiences, we aim to create more opportunities for our children to access the benefits of lifelong participation and a passion for sports through our links with other schools in the local area and have been able to host a variety of sporting competitions such as Football and Netball. We are looking to offer further opportunities for the children to experience sports both within school and outside of school. We will provide links to outside sporting clubs, to give the children experiences of new sports and enable access to club information, if they are interested in taking part outside of school.

We have celebrated great success, as some of our students over the last year have been able to represent Kettering in the level 3 county finals in both Gymnastics and Football.  So far this year, we have qualified for the Level 3 small schools football competition and taken part in several sporting opportunities.  Throughout these competitions, our students have shown fantastic resilience, passion and enjoyment. Student quotes: "My favourite part was the obstacle relay race and triple jump. If we got another chance, I would say 100% yes, because of how much fun it was."  " I think all the events were really well organised and fun, that's what made the competition as amazing as it was."   

We continue to provide a large range of these opportunities for our children. We offer coaching sessions with our dedicated P.E lead for upcoming sporting events, to give our children the best chance of success within our sporting competitions.

In addition, we have also been able to have coaches from the Northampton County Cricket and Northampton Trampoline Academy to provide specialist coaching session, to inspire our students, as we recognise the positive impact outdoor and other sporting opportunities can provide towards wellbeing, with some students taking this further by going on to enter the competitive squads/academies and even achieving sporting success at competitions for their clubs.

In KS1, the children have been applying their fundamental skills in a range of sporting situations and working on teamwork and communication to aid with the transition to the next year. Through this, the children have had the opportunity to work on their own and in teams to practice and improve these skills, which can be aid and be applied to a wide range of sports. For example, these skills the children develop create the foundations for their sporting ability for the future. Fundamentals such as agility can be applied to sports such as Football and Tag Rugby, as well as communication and co-ordination.  Each day the students in EYFS and Year 1 have agility, co-ordination and balance activities on the playground to encourage fundamental skills and physical literacy development.  This is organised by our student lead Sports Crew.  This allows for their skills to be used in a fun and engaging environment, which supports progression.  

Within school, our dedicated Sports Crew, who show passion for P.E, have been involved in organising events for all ages and are a point of contact for pupil voice to express the opinions of the children regarding sports and P.E at Loddington School.  The Sports Crew challenge children to achieve personal goals and success for their house teams. Whilst being exceptional role models for all children in the school by inspiring others through promotion of core values, such as dedication, sportsmanship, perseverance, and respect for all.

We also have a new and fantastic reaction system which are called ‘blazepods’. This new equipment allows the children to improve their reactions, ability to think in time pressured situations and have fun in competitive environments. This new equipment can also be applied to a range of sports to support co-ordination, fitness and agility, as they can be used in a variety of different ways.