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Here you will find all of the blog posts from Year 3 and 4 (Centaur Class).

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Before half term, we began a new English unit – writing a diary entry from the perspective of “Iliona” – a Roman slave girl.

We are working together to create an account of Iliona’s trip to the amphitheatre to watch a Gladiator fight! We have created some super sentences, practising our skills of different sentence types and writing techniques, such as simile, alliteration and personification. Next week, we will begin planning our own diary entries from the viewpoint of Boudicca on the day when she decided to rebel against the Romans.

This week, we have begun our new Science topic “Rocks and Soils”.

We have begun by thinking about rocks in our local environment and on Monday we went out around the village on a “rock hunt”. We found that rocks were all around us, and used for many different purposes. We worked scientifically by sketching and describing the rocks we observed. Finally, we looked at different types of rocks used for headstones in the churchyard, compared them, and talked about how and why some had eroded over the years. Super Science Centaur class!

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