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Parent Voice

In March 2022, we asked our parents for their feedback in a Parent/Carer survey. The results are published below:

My child is happy at Loddington C of E Primary School.

100% Strongly Agreed/Agreed

My child feels safe at school.

100% Strongly Agreed/Agreed

The school makes sure the pupils are well behaved.

100% Strongly Agreed/Agreed

The school makes me aware of what my child is learning.

94% Strongly Agreed/Agreed

When I have raised concerns, the school has dealt with them properly.

94% Strongly Agreed/Agreed

6% chose ‘Don’t Know’ commenting they have not had to raise any concerns.

The school has high expectations of my child.

97% Strongly Agreed/Agreed

My child does well at this school.

100% Strongly Agreed/Agreed

My child can take part in clubs and activities at this school.

100% Strongly Agreed/Agreed

In addition to academic achievement, the school supports my child’s wider personal development.

100% Strongly Agreed/Agreed

The school promotes a strong Christian ethos, through its vision and values.

100% Strongly Agreed/Agreed

I would recommend this school to another parent.

100% Strongly Agreed/Agreed

The survey allowed parents/carers to leave comments. Here is a selection:

“Loddington is an excellent school. I have been so pleased for both of my children. I would highly recommend the school.”

“Lovely school, very professional and deal with things well. Children are treated really well by staff members. I am very happy with extra-curricular activities offered to children.”

“All good things to say – no concerns.”

“Very impressed with the wider opportunities – sports clubs and other engagements. There isn’t just a focus on academia, which allows the children to perform well in other areas.”

“The school has a lovely supportive community feel and our daughter is very settled and happy here, which is the most important thing to a parent.”

“I would 100% recommend Loddington school to anyone and everyone! Our daughter is so happy at this school and her happiness is clear when she comes home. Her development has come on leaps and bounds. Also, for working parents, the after-school club is amazing and so easy to book or change. The team are always happy to answer any questions.”


School Council Pupil Voice Questionnaire

The School Council conducted a questionnaire on 17.11.21, asking 26 children in total, with a representation from every class.

 :)   = I agree.           :|   = Sometimes I agree and sometimes I do not.       :(  = I do not agree.





I enjoy school.

 100% agree


My school is a good school.

 100% agree


My school work is interesting.

 85% agree


I feel safe when I am at school.

 100% agree


I know how well I am doing in school.



The teachers and staff are friendly and helpful.

 100% agree


I can name trusted adults at school.

 100% agree


Behaviour at my school is good.

 100% agree


The teachers and staff treat us fairly. They are interested in my opinion.

 100% agree


Lessons are interesting and fun. I learn a lot.

93% agree